Star-Shimmer-Sound-Genarator, Interactive Sound Installation

The Star-Shimmer-Sound-Genarator produces sounds that should bring forth the association of flickering stars or an icy and misterious landscape. The idea of depiction of auditive impressions and sonic landscapes has been shaped within the 1960’s by Murray Schafer a canadian componist who baptised this phenomena under the name Soundscape.

In the beginning Soundscapes have been caught via recording devices from nature and/or urban spaces which by Schafer and his World Soundscape project should be stored and preserved.

With the technical evolution and the possibilities of generating and modulating sounds the idea of soundscapes was not any more something that you just catch somewhere it became something that you could take and manipulate. On impressions of Pierre Schaeffer a french komponist and explorer of La Musique Conctrète the artist Jean Michelle Jarre has brought abstract sonic landscapes onto stage. With the use of different synthesizers and effects he creates sonic atmospheres that play around with the imagination.


The sound generator is realized in Max/Msp and should act as a modern digital instrument. It generates sound via different modules that allow to maipulate and adjust the sound. It is designed to produce short sound impulses within an adjustable frequency range. The resulting sound can then be used for compositional purpuses. The generator offers the following features:






– Step sequencer
– Random sequencer
– Shimmer volume envelope
– Shimmer pulse interval control
– Minimum/maximum Shimmer frequency
– Comb filter effect (adjustable)
– Delay effect (adjustable)
– Reverb effect (adjustable)
– Volume control – Spectrum


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