Event Horizon – Cosmic Sound Art

Event Horizon is a Sound Art composition which is a fictional sonification of an event within the universe. But how does the universe sound with its unlimited space? Since there is no air to transmit the pressure waves or even listeners who can experience the sound directly from the source without the help of tools and modification, we can only try to interpret what machines translate us.

While the NASA translate data into sound or pitch the spinning frequency of planets into the level of audition I just used my imagination to create my own acoustical cosmic scenario. This composition has been made with just synthesizers carrying out a rather electronic sound. Sound on earth becomes its character due to reflection or the pressure level of the texture it passes through. A pure electronic scenario, in my belief, is therefore suitable as a tool to create such an acoustic event, since they do not initially own spacial information. In this sense with the appliance of reverberation and delay the vast space of the universe may be figuratively communicated.


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