Weserterrassen, Fieldrecording

This sample was recorded at the Weserterrassen in Bremen a place nearby the river Weser in summer 2014. At that day a lot of people came together to enjoy the sun and barbecue.

I like this sample since it is stuffed with several different sounds. The whole acoustic scenario is dominated by a church bell making it hard to focus on the talk of the two girls. The voices of different people indicate that the place must have been very crowded and if you are listening carefully you can hear the impact of a football over and over again.

This sample is a good example of how dominating the sound of the church bell is. The sound researcher Murray Schafer writes about church bells in his book “The Soundscape – Our Sonic Environment and the Tuning of the World” that they needed to be dominant to cover whole areas and to remind the people of their duty for their god.

The sample was recorded with a Zoom H4n mobile audio recorder.

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