Art Festival Grassomania 8, Gdansk

In the beginning of September 2016, I had the chance to be a part of the beautiful art festival Grassomania in Gdansk, Poland.

The festival has been placed at Sieroca 6 a memorial site of Günter Grass, the famous author and artist. In honor of him, artists from all over Europe have been invited to fill the place with artworks and workshops. My personal task was to enrich the space with relaxing music to acoustically support the event and to let people digress themselves in this extraordinary scenery.

While there have been to many impressions to speak about, check out the video below to get an inside view of this charismatic event.



The event has been supported by the European Union and the People Smart Sculpture (PS2) project. For further information please check the official homepage of the Galeria Miejeska, and the homepage of the People Smart Sculpture project.

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