Kevin Kerney

B. Sc. Media Informatics
M. Sc. Digital Media


Living in Bremen, Germany


Hey, nice to see you here on my website. My name is Kevin, I am 30 years of age and currently living in Bremen, Germany. As you might have noticed, sound is not only my profession but also my beloved hobby. My devotion to sound began over 10 years ago. When I was 17 years old I initiated a HipHop project in which I wrote rap lyrics and recorded them onto free beats which I have gathered from the internet. Since then I used music as an instrument to get rid of negative feelings or overwhelming positive energy. I had a lot to tell for which rap music was ideal.

During my studies of Media Informatics I have been able to change my life and got rid of all the teenage sorrows that led me to write lyrics. With a clear head the paper stayed blank so that I decided to shift my interest of writing lyrics to the production of beats. Luckily I have been able to integrate my devotion to sound within my study program and created sounds for computer programs and games. While the study program of Media Informatics had only a few possibilities to specialize on sound I have been able to advance my knowledge within my masters program in Digital Media. There I came in contact with theoretical aspects of sound, history and especially sound art.

While learning so much about sound I decided to make it my profession and dedicated my master thesis to the philosophies of the Canadian sound researcher and artist Murray Schafer who coined the term Soundscapes. In the past I have often recorded sound samples outdoors and played around with it within my musical compositions. Hours passed during the detailed analysis of my samples and in search for answers I advanced my knowledge by reading publications about sound philosophy and psycho acoustics.


I am now actively producing music and sound art since 2011 following my own ideal of sound arrangement and spacial sound. Within my productions I don’t follow any rules or constraints dictated by musical genres and only listen to my personal feelings while producing. I like good music and the genre does not matter much because it is the feeling you want to create and capture and feelings do have their place in music. During the production of music for movies or jingles for commercials it is the composition that matters and not the musical genre.