Exodrift, Music Project

The music project Exodrift started in 2014 and is dedicated to my love of psychedelic dance music. What in the early days was mainly called Goa has now split into different sub-styles like Progressive, Psychedelic, Darkpsy or Forest. All styles contain different elements or different sound design practices that may later be assigned to a certain style of music.

Although I mainly prefer Psychedelic and Forest I always try to follow my own ideas which in fact leads me to mix different styles making it sometimes hard to assign my tracks to a single one. Though what they  all have in common is the high amount of bpm. The tracks I publish on the Exodrift profile generally have 144 bpm and higher.
Fast music is something that you firstly have to learn to enjoy. While some people might only find stress in fast music it is the art to feel yourself into the music and transform the overwhelming acoustical impression into energy for the dance.

Tracks I produce under the name Exodrift can be find on soundcloud:


And in the Entangled Frequencies Blog in the category Exodrift.

Furthermore I am Dj’ing on parties under the name of Exodrift playing Psychedelic and Forest. If you are interested in booking me don’t hesitate to contact me.

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