Sound Installations

Technology gives us the opportunity to use sound in many different ways. May it be loudspeaker and music at home for relaxation or in shopping malls to cover up noises or attract customers. A sound installation does not always need to play music and may as well not only need the regular loudspeakers. It could just be a mechanical installation that produces a special sound while pushing a knob or shifting a pedal. Though the specific sound or the arrangement of sounds follow a meaning or offering an extraordinary acoustical experiences.

In my past we started a project under the name of ChargedMind in which we made decorations for parties and festivals. We played around with different materials and technology and let music interact with visual projection effects.

In one project we created a huge wooden dinosaur skeleton which we enlightened with LED bars switching different colors according to the music. Since we used RBG colors and RGB LEDs we had the effect of changing colors on the skeleton due to the subtractive color effect.


Another installation I designed is an interactive Soundscape in which the user can manipulate a certain sound within a Soundscape by manipulating several parameters. This installation has been made for the Hochschultage Bremen 2015, a yearly exhibition of the University of Arts in Bremen.

You can find the full article here: Star Shimmer Sound Generator

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