BassSubstrate, Music Project

The music project BassSubstrate has been launched in early 2013 and mainly contain music tracks of all sorts. The tracks are a product of my everyday work with sound and music. I do not constrain myself in making one certain type of music but try to figure out different instrument and sound designs which in my observation do in fact lead to a certain style of music. Although one might try to categorize I always try to exceed the boundaries that our modern listening habits define and mix different styles which intend to result in new listening experiences.

BassSubstrate offers a collection of tracks of different styles that have defined milestones in my experience of music making. I often discarded and still discard tracks in which sounds or melodies are not fitting the way I intend to have them. In the way of learning by doing one might be positive about an instrument and 14 hours of work later the instrument just suck because it does not fit in the composition anymore or one might have learned so much that it is better to redesign the instrument to get more character. In this case the original flow and inspiration of the idea has vanished and the restructuring of a track ends in a never-ending story. The profile BassSubstrate contain tracks in which I succeeded to complete them after my imaginings and simultaneously show my learning curve of producing.

You can find the profile on Soundcloud:

And on the Entangled Frequencies Blog in the category BassSubstrate.

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